Telia Sonera to launch MMS App for the iPhone, via App Store!!

10 01 2009


According to a source within Telia, the company is about to launch an App which will make it possible to receive and send MMS (Multimedia Message). Whether or not the App is to be approved by Apple into the App Store, no one can tell! This also confirms the previous rumors that Telia might be working on something like this and that the App might look like this: 

iphonemmsThe source didn’t want to answer when the App is to be release, but he said it would be within the near future and the Telia is almost finished developing this App. Great news for all of you who think that MMS is a vital product for the iPhone. Whether or not the App would be for sale or free, he could not answer. However, it is safe to say that an App like this must have a very hard time getting approved by Apple who doesn’t seem very keen on the new technology of SMS with images!





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