Why do we love Apple so much?

12 01 2009

Why do we love Apple so so much? Why are some of us users almost fanatic and keep waiting for days when Apple is about to release a new product? The answer is simplicity! It just works!

Thinking about the products Apple release and trying to find out why we love the fruit company so much, I can only find a handful reasons that distinguish the company from the rest. Sure one can say that the system preferences are very much different and that a UNIX based operating system might be safer and more reliable, but what really matters, when it comes down to it, is simplicity!

When using the great iTunes App Store and looking at the Apps Apple has release I am suddenly struck by the simplicity once again. It is not because the Remote App is better looking or because the Keynote Controll has some great new feature that we’ve never seen before, its because they work. 

Let me give you an example. When you buy a laptop from any other computer company, you first have to start it and set it up, than the computer is going to restart about 5 times and than you have to start deleting all the Trial Software the manufactures love installing. All and all, you are easily looking at about 1 hour before you can even start using your laptop.

When you buy a laptop from Apple, all you do is hit the start button, go through the very short setup and boom, you are ready to start using it! Come on PC manufactures, how hard can it be to stop installing trial software and make the setup a whole lot quicker.

Once again simplicity wins!

That is the key to making a successful company, taking a product and making it as simple to use that a 5 year old can use it as well as a 95 year old!  Whoever of the PC manufactures can do that will take huge grounds!

The scroll wheel is just another great invetion from Apple that makes the iPod very simple to use!




One response

25 02 2009
mac spel

Skönt att jag inte är den enda som älskar mac =D


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